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Abram Terentyev
Abram Terentyev

Flowbox 1.7 WiN X64 !FREE!

flowboxs heart lies in how technology can help brands generate and use owned, paid, earned, and user-generated content for more effective, transparent marketing and e-commerce. with minimum resources, flowboxs clients can update their digital channels daily with fresh, dynamic, and better-performing content. this in turn has a positive effect on return visits, time on site, and conversion.

Flowbox 1.7 WiN x64

flowbox is a fast-growing company of twenty employees that was founded in 2016. they have a product that is now being used by over 100,000 people across different business sectors including restaurants, hotels, and banks. in ten short months of launching their product they managed to raise over 7.5 million on a vc funding round that will see the company grow to 42 employees. the company has just launched in south america and in the middle of 2018 are planning to launch their product in the usa. flowbox allows people to personalize their own drawer boxes with different color options, materials, side height options and special decorative covers responding to all style and needs. they can choose from a variety of functions, such as drawers and built-in shelves, and then customise their drawer box by choosing the color, material and dimensions. the company claims that their drawer boxes are simpler and more flexible than any other system and are better designed and more useful than their competitors. as an example, the drawer boxes are made of paperboard, and the side panels are made of a canvas coated in a special mould. the main difference between their products and others on the market is that the sides can be adjusted or moved, and the drawer can be pulled open or closed.


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