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Abram Terentyev
Abram Terentyev

AXYZ People 3D Models And Motion Capture Data

Tags: 3D scan, 3ds max, 4D Digital Human, Ambient 3D character, Anima, anima 4.0, anima 4.1, Arnold, aXYZ-design, baking, cache, Cinema 4D, clothing, Collada, Corona Renderer, crowd animation, crowd simulation, CUDA, DAE, Epic Games, FBX, GPU decoding, live link, Maya, Metropoly, motion capture, new features, NVIDIA, OctaneRender, playback, plugin, posed character, price, release date, rigged character, simulation, stock 3D character, system requirements, Twinmotion, Unreal Engine, V-Ray, vrscene

AXYZ People 3D Models And Motion Capture Data

Tags: 3ds max, 4D Digital Human, AI-based, AI-trained, Anima, anima 5.0, animation, arch viz, architectural visualization, Cinema 4D, clothing, Collada, crowd animation, crowd simulation, DAE, FBX, Maya, motion blur, motion capture, Neural Crowds, new features, plugin, price, release date, rigged character, simulation, stock 3D character, system requirements, Unreal Engine, V-Ray, vrscene

Once the character has been designed, it can be rendered into a movie or game format through special animation software. Depending on the program used, these characters can move realistically in their environment according to physics-based motor controls or hand-keyed motion capture data. They can also interact with objects within the virtual world so that they respond naturally when touched or pushed around by other objects.

I must say that I find it bad business for AXYZ Design to be selling these models and MOCAP files without telling people they don't work properly with all their models. I own hundreds of these things and I've asked them how to fix this several times and never got an answer, they don't even return my emails.

Yeah, I've never fully understood why they sell high heeled models for animation. High heels, let alone the stripper heels that AXYZ models come in, are a real pain the get the mocap right. As an extra headache, unless you have your data done in the same heel as the CG model it still won't be right. If do you capture in 4" heels and give your model 6" heels, you'll still get that rotation problem.

Evermotion creates and develops products that help CG artists with their 3d visualizations by speeding up their workflow and increasing their quality of output. We offer one of the best variety of up to date and highly detailed 3d models on the Internet. Our models provide not only a great level of details but also a pure beauty that reflects all the wonders of the world we know. Being continuously inspired by reality we break existing limits of modern CG graphic.

Ready-To-Run Agent Librariesan(i)ma uses the award winning line of Metropoly 3D Humans. These digital Actors are controlled by real motion capture data and automatic procedural motions combined witha motion blending system to achievesuper-realistic animations.


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