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Watch Prison Break S04E03 1

Hop bribes another prisoner with his meal to break his leg chains with a sledgehammer while they are on the tracks. The prisoner looks at him skeptically, calls him a "crazy American," but agrees. Later after Hop unwraps his feet, it becomes clear he wasn't asking for him to break the chains but to break his ankles enough so that he can just barely slip the chains over his horribly injured feet. (If Hop doesn't get to reunite with El after all of this, the Duffer Brothers have to pay for our subsequent therapy appointments.)

Watch Prison Break S04E03 1

Part of this comes from paying off another prisoner, getting him to help break his leg chains. Hopper ends up badly injured as a result. Still, the severed ankle (and a pretty nasty gash on his leg) allow him to slip the chains off his foot.

Spike makes a break for it, actually pushing the near-dead guy into Harmony to secure his getaway. Buffy runs after them both and they trade verbal punches amid a series of physical ones, while Harmony (wisely) stands back and just watches.

In California, Eleven is questioned by the police about the incident, but she does not explain why she hit Angela and again experiences flashbacks of the incident at the lab. As the Byers brothers and Mike talk to the police to figure out how to free her, she is taken away in a prison transport van while they watch. As Eleven continues to have flashbacks, the van is intercepted in a remote area by Owens and several federal agents.

When found, Desmina had been separated from her body, which was now controlled by Dhuum's own forces to assault those she had fought to protect. With the raider's assistance, Desmina was able to recover her body and lead them to the Hall of Judgment, and directed them to slaying four of Dhuum's greatest minions in the area to empower three statues of Grenth. Among these chief minions was King Frozenwind, another loyal servant of Grenth who had been twisted into Dhuum's servitude. With the three statues activated, Desmina was able to break the barrier around the Hall of Judgment and called upon the aid of the Seven Reapers. The raiders, Reapers, and Desmina then attempted to perform the age-old ritual to reimprison Dhuum, however Desmina had altered the ritual unbeknownst to the Reapers, sacrificing them and making the raiders stand in their place. With the altered ritual completed, Desmina was confident that Dhuum was resealed forever, and implied that she would take over the Underworld, remaining faithful to Grenth. 041b061a72


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