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Silhouette frame is soft tan mesh and the outift design is brown and black with brown spots.  The head wrap is of matching design.  Gold colored petals surround the fabric at the neck.  Matching petals are at the center of the head wrap.  Black bulbed earrings with glass drop cirlce along with a gold colored trim bracelet is on one wrist.  (4) napkin holders with a similar design are included.  A unique wicker basket with a plaid border and a berry design sums up this perfect display.  9" long 4" wide.  Each holder is 2" tall.  


    Center piece for table


    Thank you for purchasing our products at Memorable At Memorable Silhouettes & Collectibles we offer a full money back guarantee for all purchases. The product must be returned in it’s original condition and within 14 calendar days of purchase. After 14 calendar days we will not be able to honor a refund. We appreciate your business and look forward to pleasing our patrons.


    Products will be shipped by US standard mail. Shipment will be made within 5 days of obtaining payment.

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