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The back of the frame is cut higher than the front so the angled lights can catch the slanting winter sun. I site the frames with the lights sloping toward the south in a spot where they will have as much winter sun as possible. Some shade is tolerable, but full sun is best.



On that first westbound voyage Britannic carried 848 passengers,[73] which meant that her refurbished passenger accommodation was about 85 percent full. On an eastbound voyage six weeks later she carried 971 passengers, meaning that more than 97 percent of her berths were taken.[74] Even one some winter crossings Britannic had plenty of passengers. On a westbound crossing in January 1949 she carried 801,[75] an occupancy rate of more than 80 percent.

On 28 January 1950 Britannic left New York on a 54-day cruise from New York to Madeira and the Mediterranean. Tickets ranged from $1,350 to $4,500 per person.[87] Shortly after departure, only 80 nautical miles (150 km) east of the Ambrose Lightship, she suffered engine trouble and turned back for two days of repairs. Her passengers seemed not to mind the two-day extension of their vacation,[88] and a long winter cruise from New York became a regular part of Britannic's annual schedule.

By February 1952 Britannic's winter cruise was a 66-day tour to the Mediterranean.[89] On that occasion she carried only 459 passengers, which was less than 44 per cent of her capacity, but it was enough for Cunard to repeat the cruise each year. Britannic's 1953 Mediterranean winter cruise was 65 days. Tickets started at $1,275, which was less than in 1950.[90]

Winter storm Riley is expected to hit several U.S. states beginning Thursday afternoon, then intensify overnight. By Friday afternoon, the winter storm will bring in high winds, rain and heavy snowfall. 041b061a72


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