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How To Download Veluthu Kattu Movie In MP4 Format - A Tamil Romantic Drama [UPDATED]

Veluthu Kattu Movie MP4 Download - A Review

Veluthu Kattu is a 2010 Tamil-language romantic drama film directed by Senapathi Magan and produced by S. A. Chandrasekhar. The film stars newcomers Kathir and Arundhati in the lead roles, along with Archana Sharma, Pavina, L. Raja, Karate Raja, Muthuraj and Vishwanth in supporting roles. The film has music composed by Bharani and cinematography by M. Sukumar.

How to Download Veluthu Kattu Movie in MP4 Format - A Tamil Romantic Drama


The film revolves around the love story of Kathiresan (Kathir) and Arukkani (Arundhati), who are cousins and childhood sweethearts in the village of Singampatti. Kathir is a wastrel and a brute who dropped out of school at an early age, while Arukkani is a hard-working student who dreams of a better life. Their love faces many obstacles from their families and society, as well as their own personal struggles. The film follows their journey from their village to the city, where they face different challenges and opportunities.

The film was released on 2 July 2010 to negative reviews from critics, who criticized the film's outdated plot, poor screenplay, weak direction and lack of originality. The film was also a commercial failure at the box office, failing to recover its budget. However, some critics praised the performances of the lead actors, especially Arundhati, who made her debut with this film.

If you are interested in watching this film, you can download it in MP4 format from various online sources. However, we advise you to watch it legally from authorized platforms and respect the copyrights of the filmmakers. You can also watch the trailer of the film on YouTube to get a glimpse of the story and the characters.

Veluthu Kattu is a film that tries to portray the rural-urban divide and the struggles of love in a conservative society. It is a film that might appeal to some viewers who like sentimental dramas and melodramatic twists. However, it is also a film that suffers from many flaws and clichÃs that make it a forgettable and outdated affair.

Veluthu Kattu Movie Songs - A Review

The film has five songs composed by Bharani, who is known for his folk tunes and melodies. The songs are sung by various singers such as Haricharan, Chinmayi, Karthik, Saindhavi and Ranjith. The lyrics are written by Na. Muthukumar, Yugabharathi and Snehan.

The songs are mostly based on the rural backdrop and the emotions of the characters. The songs are well-matched with the situations and the mood of the film. Some of the songs are catchy and pleasant to listen to, while some are average and forgettable.

The most popular song of the film is "Veluthu Kattu", which is the title track and the theme song of the film. It is a fast-paced and energetic song that describes the attitude and the lifestyle of the protagonist Kathir. The song is sung by Ranjith and has a catchy chorus and a lively rhythm.

Another song that stands out is "Thala Seevi", which is a romantic duet between Kathir and Arukkani. It is a melodious and soothing song that expresses their love and longing for each other. The song is sung by Karthik and Saindhavi and has a soft and sweet tune.

The other songs of the film are "Kadhal Enbathu", "Kadhal Vandhu" and "Kathiruntha Kangal". They are decent songs that suit the film's genre and theme, but they are not very memorable or impressive. They are sung by Haricharan, Chinmayi and Karthik respectively.

Overall, Veluthu Kattu movie songs are a mixed bag of hits and misses. They are not very innovative or original, but they are decent enough to support the film's narrative and appeal to some audiences. 04f6b60f66


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