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Abram Terentyev
Abram Terentyev

(Dub) 93 : Off To The Desert Kingdom! The Rain-... BEST

Maedoc obtained four boons from God after finishing his fasting at that time. The first boon, that whoever of the seed of Brandub, son of Eochaid, or of the seed of Aed Finn, son of Fergna, &c., who should take up his quarters in his monasteries or in his church, and should die there, should not enter the kingdom of heaven for ever and ever. The second boon, that any one of his monks or family who should desert or flee from him, should in like manner not enter into the kingdom of heaven. The third boon, that hell should not be closed upon any one who should be buried in any one of his churches to the end of the world. The fourth boon, that he should rescue from hell a soul of the seed of Aed Finn, and one of the seed of Brandub son of Eochaid every day to the end of the world.

(Dub) 93 : Off to the Desert Kingdom! The Rain-...



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